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  • MSD Ignition

Ignition Conversion Kit

MSD Ignition 

MSD Direct Ignition System [DIS] Kit

6 Parts

MSD Direct Ignition System [DIS] Kit
  • Easily Convert To A Coil-Per-Plug Ignition System
  • Preprogrammed Timing Maps
  • Fully Programmable 2D And 3D Timing Maps
  • Individual Cylinder Timing [ICT] Allows Precise Tuning
  • Built-In 2.5 Bar Manifold Absolute Pressure [Map] Sensor
  • Opt. Temp. Sensor Input To Control Timing Based On Temperature
  • On-Board Data Acquisition
  • Fully Potted Electronics/Sealed Connectors For Max. Durability
  • Easily Programmable Through A Mini-Usb Communication Port
  • Programmable Max Rev/Launch Rpm Limiters
  • Programmable Launch Timing Retard
  • Single Timing Step Retard For Nitrous Applications

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Points Eliminator Kit

4 Parts

Points Eliminator Kit
  • Put And End To High Maintenance Point Ignitions
  • Specialized Electronic Circuitry
  • Stabilizes Ignition Timing From 1 To 10000 Rpm
  • Improves Performance And Fuel Efficiency
  • Easy To Install w/Hand Tools

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Points Eliminator Module

1 Parts

Points Eliminator Module
  • Most Accurate Ignition Timing System
  • Improves Performance And Fuel Economy
  • Easy To Install With Simple Hand Tools
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Eliminates Changing Points

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  • Rebuild Your GM HEI w/MSD Performance.
  • High speed coil saturation for full power high rpm operation.
  • Matched Coil and Module produce the highest voltage and energy.
  • Complete kit w/brass terminal Cap/Rotor/Module/Coil/Dust cover
  • Available In Red And Black

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