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Performance Module

MSD Ignition 

Charge Speed Enhancer

1 Parts

Charge Speed Enhancer
  • Direct Plug In
  • Instant MPH Increases
  • 10 Timing/Fuel Maps
  • Laptop Programmable
  • Built In Chaperone Setting

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Holley EFI 

EFI Coyote TI-VCT Control Module

1 Parts

EFI Coyote TI-VCT Control Module
  • Compatible /HP or Dominator EFI
  • Ti-VCT Cam Control Down To 400 RPM
  • Commanded Timing Matched Within 1 Degree
  • 4 Built In Diagnostic LEDS
  • Integrated Stock Cam Position Tables
  • Main Harnesses Come Terminated w/Ford TPS/IAC Connectors
  • Installation Of External MAP Sensor Is Required
  • Main Harnesses Incl. Power Tape Connector
  • Pre-Calibrated Ford Sensor Drop Downs In Software
  • Plug and Play Main Harness

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Pulsar LT Control Module

1 Parts

Pulsar LT Control Module
  • Speed Limiter Adjustment
  • TPMS Adjustment
  • Tire Size Correction
  • Axle Ratio
  • Clear DTCs
  • Auto Start/Stop Disable
  • DFM Disable
  • Multiple Throttle Sensitivity Levels

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Pulsar Module

8 Parts

Pulsar Module
  • User-Adjustable Power Levels Via Cruise Control Buttons
  • Adjustable Power Levels On-The-Fly
  • Improves Economy/Towing Capabilities/Performance
  • Power Level Displayed On OEM Dash
  • User Selectable MDS On/Off
  • Adjusts Accelerator Pedal Response
  • Advanced Ignition Timing Spark

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