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American Aftermarket Accessories and Tools-Connecting with our Customers

Ongoing blog of stories about us. A collection of who we are and our experiences with our products.

Weathertech Mudflaps

So, what did everyone do on your three-day weekend?  We got to enjoy some outdoor activities and a BBQ in between the constant rain we have been having. 

Welcome to American Aftermarket Accessories and Tools

Welcome to our first blog for the American Aftermarket Automotive web site!  I am the wife of one of the owners and I will be up front and honest that I know next to nothing about anything that has to do with automotive aftermarket parts or accessories.  So, why then am I blogging on this page?  Simple, I am here to let you know about the living, breathing humans on the other side of this site.  I thought this would be a great way to connect with all of you.  Plus, this place needed a spot to have a little fun.

First, let me tell you about my husband. He is the driving force behind the merchandise on the pages of the website.  I am not going to get into other than to say that he has been in the automotive industry and the automotive aftermarket for the past 30 years but trust me that could be a whole other blah-blah-Blog.  Who you should be more interested in getting to know is that he is the guy who would live in a one bedroom, one bathroom home with a garage that was 4000 sq feet, filled with motorcycles, cars, boats, ATVs, tool boxes, etc. but still have room for a large RV to be parked somewhere.  Oh, and this garage would of course need to be temperature controlled and have multiple lifts. That IS his dream house, no lie.  Even when you think that he can’t fit another vehicle, part or accessory he will still be that guy who finds a car to buy at a garage sale (that has happened – another blog story for another day).  He will still be the same guy on (or some other similar site) EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Because he is always looking for some automotive relic that he can breathe new life into, with the initial intent to make money on it once its ready.  But, if you haven’t guessed yet, he also will always have a hard time parting with them.  Sometimes I joke that he would leave me for a car if the right one made itself available to him.  Cars are his passion, that is why he is a part of building this business.  Do what you love right?

The other individual who is a big part of this business is the original owner.  He is a proud military veteran and he is most likely the man you will talk to if you have a question or place an order by phone.  I don’t know him well but I know that he is as passionate about this business and customer service as he is about America.

Now me.  I am a stay at home mom.  I have three kids the youngest being our 4 and half years old who keeps me busy.  My dream house is much simpler than my husbands…. I just want to be able to park my car in the garage.  I also want to own a RV one day so we can travel the country.  Which brings me to what drew me in to helping out.  I am excited about bringing more RV products to our site and I am hoping to play a big role in sharing them with you.   I feel this is the best way to learn as well about the RV life.   So, I decided to embrace my husband’s passion for his business and join him on his journey to making this business a success. So even though you can’t see me I’m here! We all are!  Let us know you are too by coming back and checking out our site for updates, promotions and newest products. And also my blogs!